To ensure that your stay at Via Jurmala Outlet Village is peaceful and enjoyable, the Happy brand has taken care of families and the youngest guests of Via Jurmala Outlet Village, providing a changing area with all the hygiene products needed for changing a baby such as Happy diapers, Happy panties, sheets, wet wipes and liquid soap.

Moreover, the sticker, by which it is possible to recognize the Happy baby changing area, has received a certificate and a patent from the Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia!

Next to the Jurmala Outlet Village amenities there is a special room - Happy changing area for parents with small children. Our desire to be close to you and to facilitate your daily routine by taking care of the places to change your baby has been a reality already for two years!

We have arranged Happy baby changing areas in 39 places in Latvia, where it is possible to take care of your baby free of charge using Happy products!

Happy baby from day one!