Cafes and restaurants

Cafes and restaurants
Kyoto city 400 267 Via Jurmala Via Jurmala //

Kyoto city

The ocean of pleasure from Philadelphia to California- begins in Kyoto City!
We made juicy sushi, delicious kinds of pasta and tasty salads!

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Siļķītes un Dillītes 1200 900 Via Jurmala Via Jurmala //

Siļķītes un Dillītes

Temporarily closed

“Siļķītes un dillītes” (Herring and Dill) is a market stand with a unique interior which offers a wide range of fresh fish.
Here, you will find 12 different herring types prepared according to homemade recipes. “Siļķītes un dillītes” also offer other types of seafood caught in local and foreign waters – salmon, lamprey, eel, Baltic herring, and Atlantic cod – all prepared based on the best local and foreign traditions.

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Kafijas banka 1200 900 Via Jurmala Via Jurmala //

Kafijas banka

Kafijas banka is one of the largest coffee roasteries in the Baltics offering coffee from 25 different countries. Their coffee range has more than 35 different MONO coffee brands and special recipe coffee blends. Coffee beans are roasted in small batches which ensures that customers will always receive freshly roasted and aromatic coffee. Kafijas banka offers: mono coffee brands, espresso coffee blends and own brand coffee blends.

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