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We are proud to present Via Jurmala Outlet Village

The new generation of outlet shopping at its best.

A world-class tourist destination in the heart of Latvia between beautiful Riga, with its stunning art, culture and entertainment, and the famous seaside resort of Jurmala.

Via Jurmala Outlet Village

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About Us

Experience Fashion In The Heart Of Latvia

Via Jurmala Outlet Village is conveniently located between Riga, the cultural center of Latvia, and the world-famous Jurmala seaside resort. The outlet village is situated on the main road that joins Jurmala and Riga, just a short drive from Riga’s international airport.

  • 30 minutes - Riga to Jurmala Outlet Village
  • 12 minutes - Riga International Airport to Jumala Outlet Village
  • 9 minutes - Jurmala Resort to Jurmala Outlet Village